CLIPBOARD rainbow breath savers green pattern

My mom has carried mints in her purse since the early 80's when I was a kid (and most likely, before then). When I was trying to figure out what to name these, I remembered a mint that had a colored circle center---after a quick call to my mom to find out the name, I went ahead and gave a title to this pattern. Rainbow Breath Savers. (I've got a few colorways available in this one b/c I love it so much.)


We offer this pattern in two sizes, Letter size (9"x12.5") and Legal size (9"x15.5"). Each clipboard has the pattern you see here, applied to both sides and a matte protective finish to help with wear and tear.


All clipboards made by hand in our melimba studio, so placement of the pattern might vary from clipboard to clipboard. We purposely sourced a simple, low profile clip so it won't take up extra bulk when toting clipboard in your bag. All the patterns you see on this site have been created by me, Melissa Wood. 


Our clipboards are made to order, so please allow 10-14 business days for standard USA delivery.


If you're interested in bulk orders, please email us at for pricing. Also, if you would like to carry this product in your shop, let us know! 

CLIPBOARD rainbow breath savers green pattern